Our Products

Fruity cake

Chantilly Patisserie craft a wide range of handmade premium desserts. From jaw dropping gateaux, tantalising tarts & flans and succulent cheesecakes to tempting individual desserts and puddings. We have developed a wide range of desserts from which to choose or alternatively we can work with you to create bespoke desserts to suit your needs. Particularly specialist at developing tailor-made products, Chantilly works closely with hotel and restaurant chains and a multitude of national, regional and independent wholesalers to produce deliciously stylish and innovative desserts.

Our dessert range offers a wide variety of flavour profiles and styles; dark chocolate truffle mousses and rich cheesecakes to light fruit mousses and zesty citrus bavarois. Created either as an individual or as multi portion gateau or Charlotte they are formulated, assembled and finished by hand ensuring a quality result. The team also produces an extensive range of baked frangipan tarts, fruit flans and our most successful product; the classical ‘Tarte au Citron’.

Chantilly Patisserie is BRC grade ‘A’ accredited which gives our customers the reassurance that our products will be made to the same high standards every time, yet still retaining our hand-crafted touch.

Buttery biscuit base